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Designing for living spaces is based on the two distinct ideas of image and comfort.

The spaces where an impression is sought to be made with a sense of the external and the staged is typically where guests in larger groups are entertained.

The comfort space is usually the exclusive and intimate domain of family and very close friends.

As curators of furniture we understand the subtle differences between the two and are able to interpret the needs of diverse approaches in our recommendations.

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Asolo has been defined by good reason like the pearl of the Venetian Region. During the centuries the town has experienced moments of great charme with Caterina Cornaro, queen of Cyprus, and has fascinated both women and men of art and culture, who chose it as an adoptive place of living.

At Blå Station we are as usual busy creating designs for tomorrow mindful of our past, and we also probe the future to come by observing how our behaviors change.

We design our furniture collections to provide creative and versatile environments with outstanding performance in shared spaces or outdoors.Contract furniture innovation through its design and qualities. Specially made for shared spaces, Bõln collections have been carefully designed to create all sorts of environments.

Founded in the 90s by the will and talent of the Bolzan family, today the company is an international brand, capable of combining artisan knowledge and industrial logic for a culture of sleep and design.

BORZALINO began in 1976 following the great artisan tradition that for centuries made famous the Tuscan craftmanship in production of furnishings and accessories.

The Company Casa +39 started his business in 1997 as a contract, initially working with European markets, but soon reaching the areas of the former Soviet Union, revealing from the outset his natural predisposition to internationalization and becoming a brand known all over the world.

Now in its third generation, the Costantini Pietro company (named after its founder) was established in 1922 in San Giovanni al Natisone, a little town in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia known in the furniture world as the Distretto della Sedia (the Italian Chair District).

We are Flexlux – a passionate, skilled, and experienced Danish manufacturer of beautifully designed sofas, design chairs, and relax chairs – with an eye for comfort. In our collections, you will find furniture crafted for the contemporary consumer. Combining Italian aesthetics, Scandinavian innovation, and Danish design values we craft appealing, comfortable, and affordable quality furniture for modern homes

José Martinez Medina (JMM) is an author’s brand specialized in the production of furniture designed to share living and working spaces. JMM creates offices that are homes and homes that are offices, thanks to versatile furniture that eliminates barriers to sitting at work as well as at home.

JMM creates offices that are homes and homes that are offices, thanks to versatile furniture that eliminates barriers to sitting at work as well as at home.

Linvisibile synthetizes the concepts of aesthetics, technique and the ability to listen.

Miniforms is an Italian brand that is not afraid to be original. Established in Northern Italy in the 1970s, Miniforms lead with their design, producing stunning contemporary furniture that has ‘inspired’ many of the pieces we know well.

A sense of responsibility intended as a commitment to the environment. The perpetual ambition towards the research of aesthetic harmony, with a great sense of care for processing, materials and people.

Pacini & Cappellini’s story stems from many loves: wood, home, living understood as an aspect of everyday life essential for the well-being of people.

Design, innovation, craftsmanship, creativity and high quality characterise POINT’s outdoor furniture.

Pointhouse has its roots in one of the most important industrial and entrepreneurial regions of Italy, in which has developed and affirmed itself worldwide.
The company’s fundamental values see the centrality of the person as a success factor, center of attention and characterizing element in the enterprise we operate in, as well as the community and territory in which we live

Our work moves between technique and art, between craftsmanship and engineering. We are always searching for new solutions and ideas with which to build what – simply – has not yet been invented

Sovet was born at the end of the ‘80s to explore the expression possibilities of glass in the contemporary furnishing. Since the beginning of the years 2000 it starts the collaboration with important international designers and introduces other materials alongside glass, widening its perspective under the sign of creativity and continuous evolution.

Tacchini is a philosophy. Behind every object there’s a story and behind every story there’s a person. We fall in love with our products, their stories and the stories of those who have produced them and continue to make things by hand so that this story continues, is passed on by the designer to the creator and from the creator to the future owner of the product. And then it continues further.

We manually bend our furniture in the same workshops where this technology has been in use since 1861. However, we moved the features of this unique technique further more and mix them with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Our tables and chairs become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand the wood for generations.

Since its formation as a Saddlery in 1896, the company has always been a family affair, and production takes place exclusively at the headquarters in Etsdorf, Lower Austria.

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