The selection, organization, and presentation of ideas, material, products, art and artefacts, merchandise and content, by experts and specialists.

We specialize in curating furniture for living, working, and hospitality spaces.

Like curators everywhere, our work rests on a strong base of domain experience, research, knowledge and real-world connections. Additionally, bring intuition, the art of mediation, ingenuity and an eye for detail, to all our projects.

As curators of furniture – professionals with the domain knowledge and expertise to select, organize and present collections – Beyond&More exists to help you achieve your interior design vision to its fullest potential.


New Introductions  

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Pigreco – Tacchini

The essential nature of a sign. The proportion of solids and voids. The harmony between straight and curved lines. Every feature of this chair responds to a logic: conveying a "sense of space" to a traditionally static object.

Wilton Terraces I

Meet Up – Fantoni

Meet Up reflects a move away from the traditional executive environment, becoming less and less individual and more and more meeting-centered, with a newfound vocation for all that is functional, essential, and ecological, thanks to the use of sustainable and recyclable materials.

Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences

POV Table – Ton

The P.O.V. collection features a modular design and an organically shaped table base. While it may look discreet, a P.O.V. table has the potential to command a room – it all depends on your point of view. P.O.V. tables come in two heights, three base types, and six tabletop shapes.

Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences

Contemporary Collection – Casa 39

Contemporary was born from the desire to develop a free and creative style in the planning and design of Casa+39. Fabrics, lacquers, and essences come together in a kaleidoscope of proposals for every lifestyle.


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