Our Curation Process

Our constantly growing database of over 650 brands offers masterfully crafted furniture pieces mainly from Europe for living, working, and hospitality spaces.

Beyond&More are also sole representatives of 30 exclusive family owned design intensive furniture companies focused on achieving rigorous quality. Driven by passion, and an exquisite aesthetic vision, these companies are devoted to specialisation rather than a mundane pursuit of revenues.

This philosophy is a perfect match for Beyond&More, run by professionals deeply invested in design and process with a commitment to excellence. Here is a look at our curation process. 

The Beyond&More team begins each assignment with intense discussions with you, breaking down every aspect of your design vision before moving on to the specifics of layout and Mood board.

Next, we refer to our extensive collection of designs from our proprietary data base of over 650 brands to recommend a shortlist of aesthetically fitting and functionally correct furniture in line with your vision

Significantly, ours is a brand-agnostic process that always privileges your vision and its specific requirements on each parameter

Once the selection process is complete, we work with our brand partners worldwide communicating all details and ensuring that their master craftsmen understand your requirements clearly. Each piece can be custom-crafted if required while adhering to the uncompromising standards of the creators, of course

This is followed by stringent quality checks, perfect packing, and reliable shipping to the site. Beyond&More will take care of the onsite installation as well if you’d like us to handle this for you.

Working together to realise our shared vision of transforming spaces we will in effect function as a seamless extension of your studio

Would you like us to showcase our curation process, and demonstrate how it can make a difference while working on your design vision? Click here. to send us your contact details, and we’ll get in touch with you.