We design our furniture collections to provide creative and versatile environments with outstanding performance in shared spaces or outdoors.Contract furniture innovation through its design and qualities. Specially made for shared spaces, Bõln collections have been carefully designed to create all sorts of environments.



Bõln collections are designed to produce furniture that resists heavy use in shared outdoor spaces. They are of Flexyskin, our own new revolutionary technique consisting of plant-based polyurethane foam expressly designed for outdoor furniture used in shared or public spaces.Innovative and creative designs for contract spaces. Versatile, long-lasting, eco-friendly and with antibacterial properties.Bõln collections have been developed to inspire and stimulate the creative design of shared spaces. Versatile proposals with multiple options for different arrangements and a great performance, produced under eco-friendly and health standards.For neutral, colorful, static or reconfigurable environments… Bõln collections have been designed to blend smoothly into a wide range of settings and styles.This may seem contradictory but it’s not. The robust and compact material used for Bõln designs is in fact soft, smooth and comfortable.They can be made in specific shades on demand. And with their accessories, you can create flexible and functional projects with stylish details.Bõln designs are made with Flexkyskin, our own technology based on polyurethane foam for outdoor furniture that resists heavy use.The material used to make the Bõln collections comes from green waste. Our unique Flexyskin method, developed to manufacture the furniture, cuts down the amount of material used by up to 70% compared to other similar processes. Power consumption is also lower as the moulds allow us to produce it at a low temperature. Polyurethane foam is a recyclable and light material with a smaller carbon footprint.

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