Our work moves between technique and art, between craftsmanship and engineering. We are always searching for new solutions and ideas with which to build what – simply – has not yet been invented



In 1969 Antonio Rossato bought a carpentry shop in Casalserugo, near Padua, and opened Rossato Arredamenti, a company specialising in bespoke furnishings for private and public spaces such as theatres, museums, shops, hotels, villas, concert halls and cruise ships. From the very beginning, customisation and the ability to work on a global scale proved to be a winning formula, which allowed the company to rapidly expand its range of action.
With its international reach and reliable custom-developed projects, Rossato Arredamenti got to work with major brands including Armani, Ferrari, Illy and many others. In 40 years of history, the business has been handed down from one generation to the next, introducing new resources, renewing the company’s organisational structure and strengthening a manufacturing know-how that combines ancient craftsmanship and modern technologies, with a constant combination of tradition and modernity.

Passion, design and innovation for bespoke furniture

From its beginnings, Rossato has been able to ensure total flexibility and an extensive choice of fabrics, leather, wood, colours and finishes, resulting in unique creations made according to their individual preferences and tastes. Even today, many beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture continue to take shape from a wide range of materials, surface treatments and finishes, designed by our technical office and manufactured in our workshop. To buy a Rossato bespoke piece of furniture means to find an attentive partner and a technical manager who is able to develop a tailor-made project, from prototyping to the finished product.

Each Rossato piece is made by hand, using materials of the finest quality.

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