Our Partners - Bespoke

Bespoke or made to measure is now a luxury.

There is a gradual shift away from brand names as a standard of luxury to customized designs with a focus on high-quality material choices and superior finishing in furniture pieces.

As pioneers in the curation of furniture in India, we have brands that are focused exclusively on the bespoke experience. These partner brands work in-house since they firmly believe that the best quality is delivered when furniture is crafted within the factory.

Here too, we will work with you to design the furniture you envisioned, convert it to engineering drawings, manufacture it and install it as required. Discerning customers appreciate the value of limited edition and handcrafted pieces rather than mass-made products.

We know the best quality is delivered when the furniture is crafted with care and precision, and that is exactly what we deliver.

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Asolo has been defined by good reason like the pearl of the Venetian Region. During the centuries the town has experienced moments of great charme with Caterina Cornaro, queen of Cyprus, and has fascinated both women and men of art and culture, who chose it as an adoptive place of living.

The Company Casa +39 started his business in 1997 as a contract, initially working with European markets, but soon reaching the areas of the former Soviet Union, revealing from the outset his natural predisposition to internationalization and becoming a brand known all over the world.

From energy to materials and finished products. From the innovation of the technologies to design and ergonomics research. From a focus on the natural environment to the creation of materials, spaces and items of furniture with cutting-edge aesthetic, function and comfort. Via changes in ways of thinking, designing, working and living, basing on continuity and, at the same time, change.

Linvisibile synthetizes the concepts of aesthetics, technique and the ability to listen.

Pointhouse has its roots in one of the most important industrial and entrepreneurial regions of Italy, in which has developed and affirmed itself worldwide.
The company’s fundamental values see the centrality of the person as a success factor, center of attention and characterizing element in the enterprise we operate in, as well as the community and territory in which we live

Our work moves between technique and art, between craftsmanship and engineering. We are always searching for new solutions and ideas with which to build what – simply – has not yet been invented