From energy to materials and finished products. From the innovation of the technologies to design and ergonomics research. From a focus on the natural environment to the creation of materials, spaces and items of furniture with cutting-edge aesthetic, function and comfort. Via changes in ways of thinking, designing, working and living, basing on continuity and, at the same time, change.



This is the Fantoni Group, a major Italian and international corporation in which multiple languages, knowledge, skills, research and resources come together. A journey begun in 1882, when Achille Fantoni set up an artistic workshop in Gemona del Friuli, carried on and always headed by the Fantoni family, through five generations, within a constantly growing industrial group. Fantoni S.p.A., lead producer of chipboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF) panels, and key player on the office furniture scene. La-con, specialists in the production of melamine paper and laminates for interior design and architecture. Lesonit, important producer of ultra-thin MDF panels. Novolegno, producer of panels for multiple needs, above all in the packaging industry. Patt, at the cutting edge in radiating and sound-absorbing systems and in prefinished flooring for both public and residential spaces. Špik Iverica, an integrated plant for the production of semi-finished and chipboard panels. Inter-Rail, rail logistics partner. Different yet at the same time complementary organisations, with overall sales revenues of more than 320 million euros and a total of 1100 people who contribute each day to the success of the Fantoni Group and to the advance of the culture of technology, industry and contemporary design.

Iconic Products