SENTTA is more than a furniture design brand. SENTTA is about legacy.

With the savoir-faire from internationally renowned product designers, the boldness of emergent talents and the industry’s knowledge acquired for more than 30 years, SENTTA creates sumptuous and distinctive pieces.



Contemporary, modern, minimalist, or industrial design styles can be perceived in SENTTA’s collection. It’s a wide variety of pieces that can easily be adapted to the most unique and demanding ambiances and cultural patterns.

Portuguese by birth, SENTTA speaks many languages and travels the world, getting inspiration from the most simple to complex details that can carry its identity. Diversity is the motto.

Traditional craftsmanship techniques and certified materials are combined with innovative finishes and fabrics to manufacture impeccable design pieces.

SENTTA’s collection production line follows a zero waste policy and all the designs are registered next to the responsible entity.

Iconic Products