Our mission is to create timeless pieces on the leading edge of design. Driven by the desire to challenge boundaries between time periods, design directions, cultures and materials, we are dedicated to crafting pieces with character while balancing form, function and comfort. Crafted with honest materials, our pieces are made to use and built to last. With a sculptural, bold and sophisticated design, we have the desire to push boundaries and thread new pathways.



At our studio, we embrace a 360-degree perspective, ensuring that each piece of furniture exudes visual appeal from every angle. The result is a sculptural, bold and sophisticated expression. In our process, we dare to blend time periods, design directions, cultures and materials to craft products that exude attitude and relevance. By combining references from design history with forward-looking perspectives, our designs often evoke a sense of familiarity, but freshly and uniquely, bridging the gap between classic and modern design.

As a Danish design company with a global reach, we draw inspiration from around the world. We are especially inspired by Japanese design principles and the Wabi Sabi philosophy, which is evident in our material compositions. We invest considerable time in adding tactility to our materials, bringing them to life in a way that resonates with our unique expression.

Iconic Products