Production efficiency, combined with continuous Research and Development and great attention to detail, create versatile, practical and durable furnishings: seating solutions, tables, desks, workstations, solutions for acoustic improvements and various furniture accessories.



Hosting your guests means being foresighted and careful to every minimum need. Impactful, functional and colorful furnishing help in this action, together with their combining in space and overlapping, creating formidable architecture and shades. Gaber technopolymer products are made with high quality raw materials: 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. In the zero waste collection, Gaber products are made of completely recycled material. Years of experience in the injection-moulding of plastics and the processing of metals enable Gaber to step up effectively to the challenges of supplying cutting edge design and quality within a flexible outlook. The result is a stunning collection of contract furniture for both interior and outdoor settings.

Iconic Products