Cizeta’s story began over 30 years ago and has always been linked to the production of chairs, along a continuous path of growth and research. Its collection has been constantly evolving, always offering new models, and currently provides a very comprehensive offer in terms of style, setting and use.



Especially dedicated to the contract sector, Cizeta’s chairs are protagonists of countless interior design projects and are appreciated for their aesthetic, qualitative and functional features.

Cizeta’s quality starts from the choice of the wood, coatings and other materials, and then involves all production stages. Craftsmanship, industrial experience and technological research merge into products that provide superior strength and durability, thanks to unique construction techniques, specifically designed to accommodate the necessary aesthetics with the functional and technical qualities of the finished product. Many products are also subjected to severe tests by Catas, one of the leading quality institutions in the wood and furniture sector.

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