We offer durable, high-quality, sustainable and locally produced furniture with a story to tell and another to create together with the people who live it.



At Capdell, we are fully aware that, in these times where everything is changing and moving at an uncontrollable speed, it is necessary to surround ourselves with people and elements who connect us to the world and allow us to preserve it.

We understand design as a live element, capable of transmitting emotions where functionality, aesthetics and quality are worked into each detail. Through the design, we connect people to the product and the product to the space, creating dialogues and emotions.

The commitment to sustainability, the environment and caring for nature are essential points for our brand. We are aware of the big challenges that we face as a society and the responsibility that, like furniture manufacturers, we have with the ecosystems and education of the consumer.

Thanks to the careful and responsible design process and the meticulous work by several generations of artisans, we offer long-lasting furniture, high quality, sustainable and locally produced with a story to tell and another one to create together with the people who use it.

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