Maestri (English : Masters”) are charismatic leaders, capable of teaching and handing down an art through direct action and through classic, timeless, original designs. They operate far from the idea of fashion and trends, and are yet so powerful as to define a unique style or trend naturally.



We have been designing comfortable experiences for collective spaces since 1987.

In various fields of expertise and at every stage of the production process, our guiding principle is the pursuit of excellence.

Technical skills and a flexible approach allow us to work alongside our customers throughout the design process. They push us to research and imagine customized solutions to meet specific needs, as well as to collaborate with architectural firms to develop new products.

Thanks to our skills, we have and can offer a broad strategic vision relevant to diverse contexts: Workplaces, Theatre, auditorium, and Multipurpose halls, Education and Training Rooms, Hospitality and Acoustics Solutions.

We as an Organization strongly believe in:


We dedicate a great deal of attention to every element of the production chain so that it is eco-sustainable and part of a circular economy.


We invest to continuously improve our products: this is why we joined the ILP of MIT in Boston.


We build a network of complementary experiences and skills, allowing us to tackle complex project management.


We believe that the knowledge and professionalism of a region’s people are an important asset for creating recognizable and certified quality.

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