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The contemporary and dynamic working space is a reflection of an organization’s culture. As older workplace hierarchies begin to crumble, fresh new trends have emerged. Reflecting the open and transparent ideologies of the new workplace are new age offices. Emulating the liberating and democratic spirit of public places, libraries, cafes, and theatres, designing for offices is a riveting experience of exciting and pragmatic features.

Newer design imperatives such as acoustics have become essential parts of a design brief. As designers seek to bring in the spirit of public places rooted in the experience of being in a café, library or museum, we as curators of furniture are quick to respond to these shifts. Our furniture selection is constantly refreshed and speaks to every need and aesthetic ranging from the classical to the contemporary and emerging.

As work spaces change rapidly, our growing database of 650+ brands has expanded to include curated furniture options for these dynamic new spaces.

Please connect with us to view case studies of our curation in working spaces.

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